I am a historian of the United States, with specialties in Chicanx/Latinx histories and California. I study the past as a means of finding useful ways to analyze tensions marking our present: equality/inequality, equity/inequity, freedom/oppression, and democracy/empire. I locate my scholarship within the interdisciplinary fields of Chicanx and Latinx Studies, with meaningful interjections into Comparative Ethnic Studies and Cultural Studies.

I am currently working on a book exploring the impact of the Vietnam War on Latino communities in the United States, based largely on oral histories with Chicano/Latino veterans of the Vietnam War and their families.

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LATGGLatinos at the Golden Gate: Creating Community and Identity in San Francisco (University of North Carolina Press, August 2013).
Latinos at the Golden Gate is the first in-depth historical inquiry of the Latin American-descent populations in San Francisco, California. Stretching from the Gold Rush to the post-World War II era of social change, it details the historical forces and processes which gave rise to a diverse population of Spanish-speaking migrants to the city, and the myriad ways they and their descendants coalesced to forge and express a shared sense of identity and community.

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Articles and Chapters in Edited Volumes

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Book Reviews

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Opinions, Editorials, and Miscellany

“Finishing century-old business,” Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, October 11, 2011 (San Bernardino, CA), A9.

“Illegal Immigrants ‘are all over my house’,” published online at Racialicious: the intersection of race and pop culture, September 29, 2010. [Available online].

“Why Repealing Birthright Citizenship is More Difficult Than You Think,” published online at Racialicious: the intersection of race and pop culture, September 8, 2010. [Available online].

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